Chapter 20

As a younger sister Jacey might not know exactly what the consequences are in the situation. If Jacey was older she could have been more scared because of what would happen. She also could have helped in that situation because she would have been stronger and also smarter in the way she helps. Jacey doesn’t have a lot of responsibilities in this situation because of her age. It is a possibility she would of had to get them out of the mess with Steve as a 50/50 deal. Being older means more responsibilities, being more worried about what happens and taking full blame for whatever happens. Being younger she knows Steve will get them out alive.


Chapter 19

I think Donavan and Steve got into a fight about how Donavan treats his animals. Steve is a guy who loves horses and doesn’t ever want to see one get abused. But just that, Donavan was abusing one of his horses and Steve didn’t like that, he decided to pay a little about for it and take care of it on his own. Before Donavan agreed to that he fought Steve. I also think  Steve turned Donavan and Romero in for drug use and then ran away because he was wanted by the police too. So if he turned the boys in, they would do the exact thing and turn Steve in for revenge.

Chapter 18

I like that every second is a blush rushing suspense on what’s going to happen to Steve and Beau. Around every corner Steve has a problem he needs to face whether it’s helping Beau or trying to stay alive himself. It keeps me on my toes and makes me want to read more. Now that the mom and sister are in the picture, there is more drama and excitement. One of the things I don’t like is how Donavan randomly was introduced in the 18th chapter with no description on history about who he is. There are too many random characters coming and going. Nothing more has been said about Leroy so we don’t know how/what he is doing.

Chapter 17

I think Jacey being Steve’s younger sister, its giving him a change to take care of someone as if it was his own kid. Jacey also looks up to Steve I think so that would make it a little easier for him to take care of her. I think Jacey will impact Steve on becoming a better person because now Steve has to put into consideration that what he does will not only affect his brother and dad, but now his sister and mom too. Family is definitely the central theme of this novel because family is what brought Steve home and also is what took care of Beau when he found out he had Leukemia. Family is what is bringing the old Garrett’s back as one big happy family again.

Chapter 16

Yes I think it will change the relationship between Steve and his mom. Ever since his mom left him Steve thought she never wanted him around and only cared about Beau. Shortly after she left with Beau she realized it was a mistake leaving Steve behind but by that time it was too late, he had already ran away. Because of that situation Steve always had the thought that she never did care about her. Now that he knows about the letter and she actually does care about him I think Steve will be able to forgive her. When Steve first found out about the letter he thought Beau and their mom was “studying” him but I think in the end he will realize they both just care about him.

Chapter 15

No, I don’t think Jacey’s reasoning for Steve getting picked over her is reasonable. Doctors wont care if you are a male or female as long as you have the right/ working parts they need, they will pick you. The doctors might pick Steve over her simply for the reason that she is only ten years old. It would be a traumatizing experience for Jacey because she is so young.

Chapter 14

Overall I think he mom could have handled to situation a lot better than she did. I think with this story line everything still would have worked out because the fact Jacey is Beau’s full sister. People getting pregnant in 2017 handle situations better because they know what they are getting themselves into more than people did years ago. Also if people don’t want to keep their babies now, doctors have solutions for that being adoption or abortions.

Chapter 13

I think a part of Steve wants to be happy to see his mother again, but also I think he is a little confused. I’m sure he is glad to see his mother after all those years but still wants nothing to do with her. She left him when he was 12, moved away, started a new family and Steve just found this out. Jacey would be a little confused too because if their mom didn’t tell Steve about her new family, I cant see her telling Jacey about her old one. Jacey was happy after she got to ride the horse because that is something she loves to do. I think a lot of mixed feelings were going on with Jacey and Steve in this chapter.

Chapter 12

Steve has a lot of scars on his body. He has one that arcs the inside edge of his right ribs, from getting stabbed with a switchblade. He has two round knots on either side of his biceps, from getting shot. The last one was between the bullet scars, from his friend Jesse giving him “surgery” with a jackknife so he didn’t get blood poisoning. This doesn’t change what I think of him, it just makes me realize that Steve has been through more than I thought.

Chapter 11

I only just recently got a Siamese kitten named Kiki. Her being only six months old she cant really sacrifice anything for me. When I’m mad, stressed or in a bad mood (sad) I often go out and cuddle with her and it just calms me down and makes me feel comforted again.