Chapter 10

Picture of a scene


Chapter 9

What happened to Steve’s mom?

Do Beau and Steve have any other siblings that aren’t introduced yet?

Will Steve’s bone marrow match with Beau’s?

If it doesn’t, how long until Beau dies?

Did Leroy make it to his moms?

What is happening back at the ranch?

How did Steve’s dad know he was coming home?


Chapter 8

Hitchhiking would be a little weird for both ends. if you were the one getting picked up, you wont know what they’ll try to do you, how long you’ll stay with them or if they are nice. It would basically be a trial and error for who you get in the vehicle with. Also if you were the one getting picked up it would be more comforting if someone else was in there too so the pressure wasn’t on you to “break the ice”. If you were the one picking up a hitchhiker you wont know their personality or back story on why they are hitchhiking in the first place. It would be liking meeting a stranger for the first time ever and being forced to get to know each other and spend time together. It would be awkward for all of them in the situation.

Chapter 6

In the book it was mentioned that Leroy killed someone in a fight he got into by beating him to death. Leroy also didn’t protect Steve from getting beat up because he was traumatized by that fight. After Steve got beat up and stranded Leroy went and picked him up in a truck to help him. Leroy is nice but knows his limits for when he’ll get in trouble again. I think Leroy is a good person.

Chapter 5

Steve Garrett ran away from his home in Alberta because he got in trouble with the police and got a stable job working in a Cadillac Repair Shop in Montana. His brother, Beau, was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is in desperate help from brother. Steve is willing to do whatever it takes to help his brother out by giving him bone marrow. Steve ran into trouble along the way; including get beat up by his co workers and boss, he got stranded in the desert with a snake, ‘stole’ his pay check his boss wouldn’t give him even though it was pay day and finally got on his way back to Alberta with his friend, Leroy who saved him from the desert.

Chapter 4

I don’t know what to think about Steve. Some things that he has done have been for the good, and the others, he could have done something different that would have ended in something better. In chapter one Steve realizes an article his sent put in the paper for him to notice that they need Steve back home. Steve was responsible about that and tried going home as soon as he could. In the first place Steve was in Montana because the police in Alberta were looking for him. Steve maybe could of prevented what he did to get wanted by the police. Steve also could have turned himself in and maybe got a short sentence in jail and then go out a different person. It makes me curious on what he did to get in trouble. Steve was also working to get money so he could stay stable while he was away from home, so in that case he is responsible for that too.

Chapter 3

A couple years ago, when I was around 10, my family went to one of Brendan’s baseball tournaments. One guy that was on his team kept making fun of me. I told him to stop and started hanging around my brother more so he would stay away from me. Eventually the guy came up to me and Brendan and said “hey Brendan, help me beat up your sister.” right after he said that Brendan looked at him and said “stay away from her, that’s my sister. You’re a big boy, fight your own battles. But if you touch my sister its my battle that I’ll be fighting against you” After that the boy who wanted to beat me up never came near me again.

Chapter 2

  • Pros for Steve
  • he gets to see his family
  • he’ll have a steady life style (home)
  • he gets to help his little brother


Cons for Steve

  • the police could find him
  • his enemies could catch him and beat him up
  • he has to walk majority of the way  home


Pros for his dad

  • he gets to see Steve
  • all of his kids will be home
  • he wont have to worry about Steve anymore


Cons for his dad

  • his family could be in danger because Steve is wanted by the cops


Pros for Beau

  • Steve has the right bone marrow for him to live
  • he gets to see his big brother again

Cons for Beau

  • if Steve isn’t a match Beau will die
  • his brother might die in the process

Chapter 1

Although Butte is a really good place because it looks a little abandoned, I think any run down looking place would work. Any vintage place would be ideal because of the situation that Steve Garrett got into. Butte Montana is an ideal place for the story to take place.

Introduction to Blood Brothers

This book is about a guy named Steve Garrett. From my understanding, Steve has committed a crime and is on high heels to run away from the cops and remain “hidden”. His brother, Beau is in desperate need of his brothers help. With a chance of death for Beau, him and Steve are both hoping Steve’s bone marrow will match so Beau will survive. I think Steve has ran so far from Alberta to Montana just to hide from the police. One day I think Beau will call for Steve’s help in giving him bone marrow. Steve will have to mange to get back to Alberta’s hospital without getting caught. On his way back I believe Steve will run into his passed and remember everything he did and all the times he messed up. After remembering all that he has done, I think Steve will have a hard time in becoming a “normal” person again and will no longer be able to live a normal life ever again.